短期&中長期戦略、戦術、選手強化を最適化しクラブの勝利に貢献する 既存組織を継続的に強化・改善できる仕組をつくり、クラブの戦略に沿ったスカウトによる短期的な競技結果の改善や中長期スパンでの選手編成戦略を支援します Contribute to Clubs’ Victory By Optimizing Strategies, Tactics and Players’ Organization.We build a scheme that enables football clubs to succeed in the short-term and long-term. It leads to leveraging clubs’ assets and improving clubs’ performance. We contribute to consistent growth for clubs by aligning with clubs’ strategy and implementing the PDCA cycle.

SCOUT スカウティング事業


We propose from senior players to young talents from all over the world. To do so, we stay abroad for over half a year and watch games on the site. It enables us to see players’ detailed skills and research their personalities. Besides, we analyze individual data and compare prospective players with other players to improve the transfer's success rate.

ANALYZE データ分析事業

いかに勝率を上げるという点から逆算を行い、攻撃・守備への切り替え・守備・攻撃への切り替えという4象限を中心に、さらにフェーズを細かく分けて、20以上のKPI(Key Performance Indicator)をクラブの戦略やカラーごとに独自で設定します。そのKPIを定点観測することで、定量的に戦術観点での改善点や中長期戦略に対しての進捗を視える化し、継続的な発展に寄与します。

We divide team tactics into 4 pillars such as offensive component, offensive transition, defensive component and defensive transition. Furthermore, we divide each pillar into more detail and set over 20 KPI (Key Performance Indicator) based on each club's strategy. By monitoring KPI, we can visualize room for improvement and a gap between an ideal situation and a current situation. It leads to improving clubs' winning rate continually.

CONSULTING コンサルティング事業


WWe implement to make a club philosophy and act every single work as a representative.